Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Get the right people on the bus.

Before becoming great, the CEO's of Good to Great Companies first had to hire the right people. They got the right people on the bus, and created a dynamic environment with the right level of motivation. They didn't rush the process. If they didn't find someone qualified on the first try, they waited. Great companies never rush important decisions. They realized that great people do not have to have much skill or knowledge but rather innate characteristics and abilities that make them likely to succeed.

Greatness is largely a matter of choice; we choose the bus, we choose to set it in motion and we choose to fill that bus up with the right people. Our choices in life are similar to this peocess grea CEO's use -- we choose which route we take in life, how we are going to travel on it (scenic route? expressway?) and we choose which people are going to make the journey with us. Every once in awhile we get a flat tire or run out of gas, but eventually, we get back on the road. While sometimes we wish to rush the process, it's necessary to enjoy the scenic backroads from time to time. What beauty surrounds an expressway? Usually just a lot of crap, literally, I'm referring to rest stops. Like the great CEO's did, it's important to surround yourself with positive and motivating people in your life; it makes the journey that much more fun.