Friday, September 17, 2010

What is reality?

What is reality? Mainstream science describes reality as "the state of things as they actually exist". So reality is simply: everything we observe.
This is a very broad definition. I consciously observe the lucid dream world, but does that make it a genuine reality? How many realities are there? Or, as Einstein suggested, is every form of reality merely an illusion? Is nothing real?
The human brain is split into two distinct halves: the right brain and the left brain. They have completely separate roles and agendas. Some would even say they have separate personalities. However, in order to function, the two halves of the human brain must communicate as one via the corpus callosum. 
The right brain is all about the present moment; right here, right now. It thinks entirely in pictures and learns through the kinesthetic movement of your body. It absorbs energy from the world around you and translates that into information for your sensory systems. It does not know the difference between your individual consciousness and the world around you. The right brain only sees one universal energy field of awareness.
The left brain is a very different place. It thinks linearly and methodically. It picks out countless details from the events in the past and makes calculated predictions about the future. The left hemisphere thinks in language, which creates your internal voice. Crucially, it makes you aware of your existence, as a separate being from the mass energy field perceived by the right brain.
Imagine if the human brain had evolved with only the functions of the right hemisphere. Your perception of reality would be completely different. You would be drifting around in a universe filled with energy in the here and now, with no perception of the past and future. You would not know where your body ended and the ground began, or the difference between you and me.
This is a very different perception of the world. But would it be a more accurate representation of reality? Knowing this about the human brain, the question "what is reality?" changes form. It now hinges on your individual perception. This has led to multiple theories of reality by various philosophers and scientists.(

"Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one"
Albert Einstein

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  1. First, can I just say that your blog is FANTASTIC!!!! You have it decorated to a "T" and it is just precious!! I wish I had the time to really make mine all that I would like it to be but sadly, I probably wont even use it once this class is over! Haha
    Anyways, back on topic!I really enjoyed reading your blog and I found it very intriguing. I have always thought that the brain is such a fascinating organism, if only I was smart enough to be a brain surgeon and fully understand it! I know I am rarely ever thinking about solely one thing and absolutely nothing else. I am a bad, bad multi-tasker, but a multi-tasker all the same. I always take on too much and struggle with juggling everything.
    For the whole reality thing, I dont really know where I stand. I took a philosophy class that really messed me up with the whole "are we really here doing what we are doing or is it just imagination or a dream?" I cant say that I believe in all that who-hah. I believe in what I can feel, see, taste, hear, etc. My reality is the life I live everyday, no matter how hard it may be sometimes.